DIY Oompa Loompa



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  • £29.99

    So you're going to a fancy dress party and the theme is Charlie and the Chocolate factory? Bring in this fun and playful Wonka Workers costume and spin the story on its head! Take the party goers on a journey of sweet discovery as you show them lollipop trees, chocolate rivers and golden eggs, though they'll only be paying attention to one thing...

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    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Brown, White

    Included: Skirt, Braces, Top, Socks, Gloves

    Not Included: Body Paint, Wig

  • This orange water-based make-up is applied with a damp sponge straight from the tube; 28ml. Dries to a matt finish, can also be applied with a brush for fine detail.

    Colour: Orange

    Included: Face Paint

  • Cindy Emerald Dark Green Bob wig with fringe, perfect for that Joker fancy dress!

    Colour: Green

    Included: Wig

  • Out of Stock

    Wig cap - stretch fit for both men and women. A wig cap provides a good firm base under the wig; giving it a better grip. Gather long hair up under a wig cap, making the wig easier to put on. Highly recommended.

    Materials: 100% Nylon

    Colour: Brown

    Included: Cap


You've got a busy day ahead at the chocolate factory, but for now it's all about having some fun. Immerse yourself in orange paint (stock up on the wet wipes) and do some somersaults - this little loompa is ready to paar-tay!