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We have been dressing folks for almost 170 years.  Very often we have people turn up to our shop and say 'I have a fancy dress party to go to, HELP!'

Our best advice is DON'T PANIC! Here are a few points to get your imagination going. 

Starting Point - themes!

If it is your party choose any theme you wish, for some the weirder the better but do take care on your choice of theme. If you select a theme like Failed Porn Superstars because you can think of something perfect to wear, some of your guests will struggle so hard to come up with a witty idea that they either turn up dressed as normal or worse they don?t come at all!


If you are invited to a themed party, think about who your heroes are, your costume should say something about you. Think music, cartoons, and history; take inspiration from things that inspire you.  Still stuck for clues try our collection of THEMES


   To show or not to show? That is the question.

  If you are worried about showing too much then a pair of leggings or an additional petticoat will turn a too skimpy costume into something that you would be happier to wear!

Why not
wear leggings with a short, short costume?  Are you shy, gregarious, a show-off or a wallflower? Sexy, funny, elegant, obscure; what kind of impression do you want to make?



  You need to consider your method of transport.  How will you be getting to the party, it would be OK for Miss Whiplash to arrive by cab, but what happens if you have to go by public transport.

    Venue and Time?
The venue could influence your choice of costume, if you are going to a castle outfits like these would be good, castles are draughty.  On the other hand nightclubs are hot, hot, hot; so something skimpy may be better.

Also if the party is in the daytime you may not get away with an ultra skimpy look!
Make up and wigs?

Are you happy to go crazy and cover yourself in blue make-up like a our genie?  It does look great, but do give it some thought!

Use your own hair to help you decide who/what you could go as.  If you are blessed with bright blonde hair then try a trip to the hairdressers, then add one of our white dresses could turn you into Marilyn!

OK so he is cute, but would you want him to sit on your white sofa?

  Single, Couple or Group
  ghostbusterscostume.gif   ghostbusterscouple.gif   ghostbustersgroup.gif

Perhaps you may feel like standing out from the crowd, other times you may want to show that you are a couple, yet again you could all go as the same and have a blast! You do not have to all dress the same a group of characters from one theme is a good idea.

So... which option suits you? 



Use a reputable supplier (us, naturally!), not all Optumus Prime costumes re-create the movie magic in the way you would expect.

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