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Been practicing my curtsey for years, then Royalty comes in and I’m off getting a pedicure!

My little fancy dressers it has been so long since we churned out a little blog for your delight and delectation, we have been so very rushed off our slingbacks taking deliveries of our Halloween stock.  It really is our busiest time of year, but we were staggered when three shipping containers all arrived at the same time.  You have to unload them in a matter of moments or you have to pay a huge fee.  All you have to do is sit at home and wait until your orders arrived, but I broke a nail!  Ah well one must suffer for their art!

The gossip from fancy dress central is that the very suave and charming Brendan from Strictly Come Dancing cane in for an outfit, he was very suave and charming.  A very, very naughty Stephen Gateley from Boyzone came back month late with a costume he had forgotten he had hired. 

Russ Abbot popped in and created a party atmosphere in the building. (Groan!!! Sorry about that.)  We also dressed Fergie (no, not Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, but the Duchess of York), I was so miffed, I have been practicing my curtsey for years, then Royalty comes in and I’m off getting a pedicure!  Ah well, we have no shortage of Queens, and the show must go on.

As ever…

The Fancy Dress Fairy.


Hello my little, sparkly, Fancy Dressers!

We all love a bargain! Mid season SALE!

It may seam strange to you to start thinking about the Halloween Season in the middle of the summer, but frankly we have been thinking about little else since the end of October last year!

So why am I telling you this?  We place our orders early in the New Year to ensure that we have lots of great horror costumes for this peak of the Fancy Dress calendar.  Makers all over the world have been fulfilling our orders and the stock is arriving by the lorry load – RIGHT NOW.

The only problem with this is that we have so much stuff that we are having a bit of a clear out to make more room.  Take a look at our sale section and grab a great costume at a really great price.

I fancy a new glittery number, where is my purse?

As always

The Fancy Dress Fairy

New goodies from Rasta Imposta

Well my little fancy dressers, we have contacts all over the wonderful world of fancy dress, our slaves are schlepping all over the place desperate to bring you the latest and greatest fancy dress costumes.  Our lovely Friends at Rasta Imposta in America have been working ever so hard to get us a batch of brand new costumes and we have selected a few of them to have a chuckle over.

First we have a great pair of unisex costumes, they are sold individually, but couples often want inspiration.  So both our toothpaste and our toothbrush costume fit the bill and leave you with fresh breath and a great smile.

Good clean fun!


Naughty customers, in the worst possible taste!



As ever...

The Fancy Dress Fairy

Bruno Costume

Well my little fancy dressers, you may recall a few weeks ago I mentioned that the lovely (and frankly deliciously stylish) Bruno popped in to see us for a little costume.  

Well I was DYING to tell all but we were sworn to secrecy about what he would be wearing and where he would be wearing it.  Now that the fuss has died down we can sleep safe in our beds, knowing that if we spill the beans Universal Pictures will not be coming after us.


We put together a snug mini Guards outfit bespoke for this star to wear to his West End opening!  Some of the stupid press referred to it as a mini Beafeater outfit, just goes to show you should not believe all you read in the press.  The next thing they’ll be telling us is that Bruno fancies men!


As if this was not enough work for a girl and her sewing machine all of his followers needed the same costume! My poor little fingers  were worn ragged!

As ever

The Fancy Dress Fairy

Our Auction and more famous faces.

Hello again to all you fancy dressers out there!

Tuesday 16th of June I’m off to Bonhams, Knightsbridge for our auction of film memorabilia.  There is bound to be lots of press coverage, so if you cannot make it keep an eye out for little old me, I’ll be using my wand to bid as there are some iconic items in this collection.  The leading item is Lot 251, it is Christopher Lee’s cape from Dracula.  When he came in recently he took a look at it and has confirmed that it was his from all those years ago!

Besides that there has been much excitement here in the world of the famous and lovely, guess who has been in for a good dressing up?  (In fact they are still waiting in reception for their car to whisk them away). Sacha Baron Cohen! You’ll know him as that very close pal of both Ali G and Borat.  Apparently he brought his ‘friend’ Bruno in for a costume fitting.  I have been asking our staff why Sacha is waiting in reception and Bruno has gone, the receptionist tells me that Bruno is not a big enough star to get a car so he went home on the tube; whereas Sasha is a real star!

Oh, I’m sooo very excited at last a real star who doesn’t tower over the little fancy dress fairy (usually they are so tall).  Well if I stretch my wings out as wide as I can I’m almost as tall as the wonderful Bob Hoskins.  I have been flitting about here for 20+ years and Mr Hoskins never ever changes.  Well I suppose tomorrow will be a Long Good Friday!

As always


The Fancy Dress Fairy

When was the last full moon?

My lovely fancy dressers, you know the saying you don't  have to be crazy to work here but it helps!   This is very true in our case, our customers, however, are a different kettle of fish.  Naturally all the Internet customers (that means you) are lovely!  We have a Shaftesbury Avenue Shop where 99.9% of the customers vary from delightful to absolutely divine!

However, that does leave a little room for strange customers, there are times when the moon is in a particular phase and we have a lot of trouble; last week we had a very strange day.  

Firstly, there was a visit from Pirate Man, he dresses as a Pirate full-time and wanted to revive his wardrobe.  He is eccentric, but charming and left a very happy Swashbuckler!

As he left another regular popped in to get a new Elvis wig.  He is a very tall Elvis and in his sixties; he always insists on serenading our customers, some enjoy it others are not so sure.

Just before closing another Gent dropped in, (funny how the strange ones are all men; Girls, what does that tell you?) we try our best to be nice to him.  However. We are a bit wary, as the last time he appeared he tried to attack a member of staff with small rubber shark!

Thinking back on the day, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, in the world of The Fancy Dress Fairy it seems quite normal to me!

As always

The Fancy Dress Fairy

Angels' rock-and-roll lifestyle!

Well my little fancy dressers, I have to pose a question?  Whilst there is nothing wrong with Leicester (it has many fine points I’m sure) what makes it sexy?

Well… need a bit of help? Indie rock-band, 4 members, their first album was entitled ‘Kasabian’.  Doh, darn it I’ve given it away.   Well my little fancy dressers Kasabian were in with us to choose costumes!  

In true rock-and-roll style (well by our experience anyway) they were absolute Gentlemen and were a delight to deal with.  One of the girls in the office became thoroughly unnecessary and had to be sent out for a little fresh air but otherwise nothing dramatic to report.

To compensate I’m off out tonight to smash up a hotel room and be nasty to groupies, where did I put my Abba costume and blue eye shadow?  Oh right I’m already wearing them!

As always...

The Fancy Dress Fairy




Kasabian have just released the artwork for their new album.   You can now preorder the album via the links on

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, is released on June 8th

Image copyright - all rights reserved.


Recent Angels Films

Hello to all my little Fancy Dressers

Hope you have all been keeping well, I know I am.  Thought I would write you all a small note about what our parent company have been doing.  As you all know here at headquarters we are not just about fancy dress, oh no! Angels, our parent company, supplies all those glamorous frocks for the movie and TV business.... and my wardrobe naturally.  I have been going to the cinema a lot recently and have been amazed at how many current films have had costumes supplied by Angels.

The fantastic In The Loop that only came out the other week, the wonderfully camp The Boat That Rocked and the magnificent Franklyn which starred that beautiful Ryan Phillipe, all were dressed by Angels.

After I found that out I put on my detective hat, its pink naturally, and went snooping around to find out what else is coming out this year for which angels have supplied costumes.  I was astounded at the number of films they have been involved with, Last Chance Harvey starring Dustin Hoffman, Cheri starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bustards and I was very excited to find out that they supplied the costumes to the next Harry Potter film too.

It seems all these celebrities have been coming in and seeing Angels staff and nobody had the foresight to let me know (so I could let you all know).  I assure you this situation has been rectified.... after all I should be the only star allowed in the Angels building but if these actors want to come in to they should at least say hello to me!!

Anyway I have gone on too much, just thought I would let you know that when you are sitting comfortably in your cinema with your white Maltesers in one hand and Margarita in the other (or is that just me) there is quite a big chance that the film you are about to watch has been costumed by Angels.  If you also have a film themed party to go to then why not check out our film section, after all no one knows film costumes better than us.

On that note I think its time for another margarita

Till Next time

The Fancy Dress Fairy

Football AFC Vs Man U!

It may surprise you to know that the Fancy Dress Fairy is, strangely enough, keen on football!  As a company we are massive supporters of Arsenal and we attend every match at The Emirates, don’t pretend you haven’t seen us on the stands (look out for one of us in a Tutu waving a magic wand)!

Fancy dressing for football fans is starting to be big business, we are not narrow minded supporters of AFC, we not only sell costumes for little AFC fans we also sell them for Manchester United.  We do like to be faire and even minded, but it is in my terms of employment that I have to say Arsenal’s  free-flowing passing game is far superior to Man U’s retentive style of football (spawned by Ronaldo!).  

Any road up, back to the costumes we have boys and girls costume for both sides playing not only on May 5th in the Champions League (at The Emirates) but also in the Barclays Premier League on Saturday May 16th. 

See you at Old Trafford on the 16th!

As Always

The Fancy Dress Fairy


We have picked out 6 of out favorite footie costumes, including a special Playboy one for the ladies!

  3430_thumb.jpg   3427_thumb.jpg    3880_thumb.jpg 
AFC Super Hero      Man U Super Hero
    AFC Football Fairy

Man U Football Fairy

AFC Ladies Super Hero

Playboy Ref













Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you my little fancy dressers.
Star Wars Fancy Dress
Unbeknown to the fancy dress fairy it has come to pass that henceforth every year May 4th is known as Star Wars Day!   Typical; a little show film like Star Wars comes along with no glitter, no sequins; so unsurprising that I have never heard of it!  Well thank goodness for the more intelligent members of the team.

We have been noticing a steady rise in Star Wars costumes over the past 2 weeks (me include
d).  And a quick search on the internet revels that Star Wars Day has become such a phenomenon that it has a listing in Wikipedia and Google returns 18,500 results for “Star Wars Day”, no wonder it is taking off!

So why not take a space shuttle over to our Star Wars Theme section to see what we have in stock.

May the 4th be with all of you!

Fancy Dress Fairy

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